O r i g i n  :  Whisper In The Dark


J o u r n e y  :  Landscape Of Glistening Horizons


D e s t i n a t i o n  :  Fiction’s Good Grace


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am so intrigued by your blog! The photos and organisation of content are compelling and refreshing!!:D

    • Thank you so much!!

      • What exactly does this blog aim to deliver? Is it to showcase the stunning photography or..?:D

        • That might be a very big question Ysabel.

          Currently it is a central point for activities. As a group we share similar experiences in the discovery of our place on the Autistic spectrum. We were already focused on our art or writing before we met. We are fascinated by the differences that Asperger Syndrome gifts to us, but often alarmed by the mis-conceptions that so many others have. So, we wondered if we might not use our skill and experience as a resource to help bridge the gap between those ‘on the spectrum’, and everyone else. We were ‘diagnosed’ as adults, not children so have a lifetime of identity that was shocked into a re-birth…!

          We are not here to complain (though we often agree there is good reason to!), but here to hopefully enlighten. At the very least we enjoy the creative process and if someone else can benefit then thats ok. The project has succumbed to false starts, illness, other distractions and shortage of time. But we genuinely appreciate the value of what we want to achieve – so this keeps us earnest.

          There are plans for a whole slew of article posts to deal more directly with the issues at stake, despite the eternal problem of trying to forge an independent income leaving little time for anything.

          It is a fine line to balance when we attempt to use techniques of fiction and creativity to illustrate and enlighten, yet the basic resources with which we are trying to work are so very personal and often difficult. We, certainly I, am willing to court the risks that come with such disclosure, but think the end is worth it, and definitely necessary.

          Sorry for the long reply, but you inspired me!


  2. Hello and thank you for following Heart of Life Poetry. I really appreciate it. I’m also enjoying the art at your blog. I’m glad you introduced your work to me.

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