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The Kan Maak procession is an important part of every traditional Thai village wedding. The Groom slowly walks to the bride’s location as part of an entourage of friends, family and neighbours all being led by a band playing loud instruments. Several rituals were completed before they set out, and several more will have to be undertaken before he finally reaches the bride. The women were carrying fancy containers that held things such as rice, cotton, silk, seashells, spices, incense and other symbols important to Thai tradition, as gifts for the bride’s family.

As the group neared the location of the ceremony, people (esp. the women) began dancing and gyrating with the music as they entered the grounds of the villa. When the groom, who was at the rear, reached the gate, the first of a series of symbolic ‘obstacles’ had to be negotiated…

Watercolour pencil on canvas


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From the collection – ‘Siam 6: Becoming’

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