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Early on the day of the wedding, the bride waited alone in her chamber. She was anxiously expecting to be told that her husband had completed his part of the early ceremony and was approaching. Her lady-in-waiting will come to her with a written message that he will soon be arriving with his entourage. This is when she will be taken through the steps of her own private ritual by the elder village women.

Much earlier, just after dawn, the bride and groom had both been taken through another ritual where each one gradually dressed themselves as each item of clothing had a word of protection or good fortune written inside of it by the village elder who had been elected to perform the ceremony. This elder, the groom, the bride and her father were the only ones permitted to witness this very private part of the ceremony. The entire room had been completely stripped bare of everything except for a soft floor covering, so as to be as pure as possible, and there were no photos.

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From the collection – ‘Siam 6: Becoming’

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