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“Name the months of the year backwards…”

“Repeat this sentence after me…”

Stypticum to Somchai

“You were referred to us by the local crisis team. The appointment came through quite quickly.”

Stypticum to Somchai

“Has no one ever given you a brain scan?”




Stypticum with Somchai

“That’s it? Ok. Not sure if you would need me to come back again.”

“Oh yes! We will definitely need to see you again.”

Stypticum with Somchai

“Are you taking any medication now?”

“Apart from painkillers for those skull-splitting headaches – no. After discovering how difficult it is to remember feelings it was obvious there is no anti-depressant that is any use.”

“What do you mean?”

“How can I tell if I feel better if I can’t remember how I felt before?”

“Right. I see.”

Somchai with Stypticum

“Why do you say inevitable?”

“Well, once I was discovered to be an easy target, I was bound to be used by people to thrash out their own resentments.”

“Why do you think you were an easy target?”

“I was different. They had resentments they needed relief from. Experience showed I could never defend myself (and given recent revelations, we know why), so it was inevitable.”


“Actually you can understand why the psychology department said they had to spend some time working out which of multiple forces have brought me here.”

Somchai with ConSaught

Oh, Are you on your own?”


“Usually you are asked to bring someone from the crisis team. We usually only see cases when they are serious, and social services need feedback on what’s what.”

“Nobody mentioned it.”

“Well, it’s ok. I think it should be ok.”

Somchai with Stypticum

Forced into the demon lair, the necessary prevails. When the necessary prevails, you never could have entered. Want to keep something out of reach? Hide it there – a weapon of infinite regress.

There is a place where demons feed. Offer the prize there. They will feed. You know it is safe. DK lies there – they make sure of it!

Backward. Forward. Forward. Forward. Backward. Then…

— and with this – the original 17 transcripts are complete —

Bangle, whose very existence alone has the result of utter astonishment in all hitherto system entities, nonchalantly steals the show with such an understated prowess, that Somchai wonders if sleep had been the only thing happening until now.

Arkay InLine