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We were out and about in the city yesterday, and as I am never without at least a small camera…

Original city university buildings.

Old Burmese buddha statue, inside the museum entrance.

Constricting Python dozing in museum animal centre.

This one originally built 1908, recently extended. The city has many.

Yargo & DK as generated by the art work: ‘Snow Mirror’ by Daniel Rozin at the DarkMatters exhibition.

The city originally grew from a roman fortress. Some of the artifacts are held at the museum.

Drawn to an impromptu performance of solo guitar by performer from the Royal college of music (Gina Miller)

One of the first entrances to the university site. (looking out)

This woman was trying to protect her face when she died in the street after mount Vesuvius emptied its contents onto Pompeii.

The Royal Infirmary was moved to this location in 1908 and is now part of the vast sprawl of university teaching hospitals. Their new modern extension is behind this.


From the collection – ‘About & Around’

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