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“Well, having looked at the hospital reports, and listened to what you’ve been saying, it is such a shame that someone as really nice as you has been having such problems. And we can only apologize for you seeming to have been lost in the system for so long.”

Stypticum to Yargo

“Has no one ordered a brain scan?”


Styptica with Yargo

“Has no one asked for an x-ray of your head?”


Stypticum with Yargo

“What? They have a policy of ‘no labels?’ How can that help you?”

“That’s what I thought. A label makes no difference to me, but I’m not the only one who requires an explanation.”

“Exactly. Ok we’ll look into it.”

Stypticum with Somchai

Amongst prolonged frowns and well scratched heads, promises can abound. Hold up the threadbare carpet and count the holes. Does it look familiar?

Arkay InLine