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“Then they concluded that the health trust has a policy of not assigning labels to anyone!”

Yargo to Stypticum

“I used to see D-UnCon but they were difficult. He put me on tablets for a heart condition but never wanted to talk about them.”

“Well, I want you to take these. They are a tranquillizer but should increase your sensitivity to the anti-depressants.”

ConSaught with Yargo

“So what do you want from this?”

“Recent events have taught me how deep these things run. Aspergers I can do nothing about, except be relentless in educating everyone in the obsolescence of their ways. Mee tells me that it is a family motivated by guilt – not just for past deeds but also absence of past requirements, but I have to try as if people can adapt.”

Somchai with Stypticum

Down amongst the vague remains of a broken idea, survivors dusted themselves off, and raised a weary eye to the emptiness above. Already something new was about.

It could not be seen.

It could not be felt,

at least not yet…