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“Ok? Just take a few more breaths. Calm down a bit.”


“Ok? Now why did you react like that when I asked you about your dreams?”


“I don’t have any. And, because theGroK is there too. It’s not enough that I have to force myself into so much distraction to get it out of my head, but it manages to get to me even in my sleep. At least that should be private. Damn. I don’t dream as it is – except for those few nightmares. And theGroK even forces its way in there.”

Stypticum with Somchai

“There are times when I’m alone that I scream out loud ‘Just get out of my head!’ but it usually upsets me because I cannot forget what theGroK’s legacy really is if I find myself driven to do that.”

Yargo to Styptica

What did theGRoK say?”

“Well, it just reverted to the old myth about responsibility and such – as if that explained anything.”

“Why myth?”

“Because I worked it out a long time ago. It’s just a get-out clause. You point to someone else’s ‘responsibility’ as a way of avoiding thinking that you might be able to provide some of your own.”

Stypticum with Somchai

A moment of confusion – then hit by a train. Even fear lives in terror of Panic’s evil power.

Dream knows no sanctity when theGroK has whispered.
Memory has no respite when theGroK has spoken.
Freedom has no hope when theGroK has chosen.

Bestriding every past, despoiling every future, it desires all to its will. But its ownership is weak, so very weak. Its demons rally to OUR cause, its insights carry the germ of their own demise, and we know that we have seen the void that it carries at its heart.

Arkay InLine