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“This is the second time now I have come here and you have triggered off another attack of panic. It’s not your job to make me ill.”

“I have other patients to see.”

Yargo  with D-UnCon

“How long are these tablets supposed to take?”

“Well, not every type works for each person. That’s why we changed them.”

Yargo with ConSaught

“They seem to have dropped you from their list. The problem is they have huge demands and are grossly underfunded.”

“Oh! So what happens now?”

Yargo with D-WideEye.

The distant rumbles become a surrounding thunder. The minor cracks collect into growing fractures. The barely perceived colours, return to a multitude of greys.

None of this we see.

None of this we hear.

None of this we feel.

The sensation of free-falling is overwhelming after all…

Arkay InLine