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“You mention here bright lights?”


“What about them?”

“Bright lights, especially fluorescents and bright sunshine. They can make me quite agitated. They are very VERY oppressive. That’s why I live in semi-darkness. All my windows are shuttered. They still let plenty of light in, but it’s permanently shaded.”

Yargo in conversation with Stypticum

“What about sounds?”

“My hearing is very sensitive. I hear everything. Has been a problem for years. Faulty equipment, squeaky wheels, air compressors, air conditioners – things like these have high frequency sounds that no one else seems to hear. Have to come up with excuses about my eyes watering.”

Yargo in conversation with Styptica

“Show me 1000 pictures and ask to pick out 100 and you learn more about me than you ever could by asking questions.”

Yargo to Consaught

“In so many of those imaginary conversations I explained over and over again the difference between ’cause of’ and ‘responsible for’. That very word ‘responsibility’ is so deeply suspicious whenever I hear it. It always seems to be used to say, ‘it was not me, don’t blame me.’ It’s so small.”

Yargo to Stypticum

In the land of exaggerated and exasperated perception, the unending impetus for containment becomes, (ahem!) deafening. The locus of control and its fertile growth of self-aware value becomes the progenitor of future’s harness. Differentiation, environmental mastery, fore-armed authority, all become the stock-in-trade for the abeyance of the demon song. Even the venom of the responsibilist’s abnegated fantasy ceases to be anything but a caricature of its former stricture.

Arkay InLine