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“The first question that needed to be resolved was whether you were psychotic. Many of these symptoms are similar.”

Stypticum to Yargo

“Then most of these sessions have been about trying to determine whether the way you are is because of aspergers or whether it was because of the family you’ve had.”

“Ah, I thought that might make things a lot harder.”

Consaught with Yargo

“And, your not just Asperger are you?”


Styptica with Yargo

“But it is clear from what you’ve shown us that although you have had such a long fight over the years, you are still managing to maintain lots of interests and contacts with people. Like you said, you are still trying to maintain a future. So many have succumbed before now.”

Stypticum to Somchai

Soul Buried Stew: A Recipe
Take one Asperger.
Subject to a pinch of indifference and a dash of insecurity.
Burden with a liberal sprinkling of arrogance and a slice of narcissism.
Boil the mixture alive for 35 years, agitating frequently.
Once cooked, remove from its ashes and remark publicly on the impossibility of such exotic ingredients.
Consider yourself satisfied and relish how insightful you obviously are.

Arkay InLine