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“I had better resign myself to always being alone then.”

“Oh! And why would that be?”

“Who would want to live with this?”

“There are plenty out there who would…”

Conversation between Yargo & Styptica

The GRoK asked me why it is that Aspergers are so secretive.”

“What do you think?”

“Why are those who think we have something to hide so lacking in intelligence and imagination? If the only reaction they have to ‘secrecy’ as they seem to need to see it, is that something is being hidden – then I suppose they need our sympathy.”

“For what?”

“Well, it’s not my job to educate them is it?”

“About what?”

(waving hands in irritation) “‘Being secretive’ must mean there is something to hide because they don’t understand how it could be anything else.”

Conversation between Yargo & Stypticum

The embrace of en-likened minds falls at the betrayal of easy assumption. Modesty and humility over-enoble themselves into questioned virtue. Do not degrade the achievements of one’s struggle. You are not excluded.

It is there

They are there

They ARE there

She is…

But the other.
Translating the language you do not speak.
Simplifying the concept for which you do not care.
Swatting the irritation that you long to value.

By their own desire they will see nothing.

Arkay InLine