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“I’ve just been diagnosed with Aspergers, but didn’t quite understand what your disability advisor meant about job applications. When should I tell the employer that I’m classified as autistic?”

“Erm, they diagnosed you as Autistic?”

“Yes, well Aspergers.”

“We need to make you an appointment to see someone else.”


“And, no, certainly don’t put it on any application form. There won’t be any point filling it out otherwise.”

Conversation between Yargo and government SoSo

“I hadn’t heard much about ‘Panic Disorder’, until my husband suddenly started to suffer from it. It was only then that I realized how dramatic, unexpected and uncontrollable it is. So you have my sympathies.”

Told to Yargo by another government SoSo

“Ah. We’ve had the report from your doctor. It seems just on the basis of your medication alone we won’t be seeing you again.”

Told to Yargo by original SoSo





crawling from the chasm of a self-realisation to find a barely inhabited world.

Arkay InLine