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“For the rest of you it is easy. You have a conversation with someone and you can remember you had a conversation with someone.”

“You imagine a conversation with someone and you can remember you imagined a conversation with someone.”

“For me, it is not so

                                      clear cut.”

Somchai speaking with Stypticum

Why can it agitate Aspergers so much when asked how they ‘feel’?”

“I don’t know about others but for here (pointing to own head) these ‘mechanisms’ seem often to be busy doing something else, and there are some questions you simply shouldn’t ask.”

“Like what?”

“Erm, the question should offer a framework for the answer.”

“Should be a ‘closed question’?”

“Yes. Something like that. And it is often incomprehensible to me why internal states could be meaningful or demonstrable to anyone else. You can do these things easily and asking me just reminds me how excluded I am from your world.”

Somchai speaking with Consaught

In a continuity of memory where are the fixed points, the anchors, the harbours where we can shelter from the challenge meted out by imagination?

How do we embrace the storm, possess it to make it work for us?

The difficulty lies not in a deficit of possibility – but in its richness.

Arkay InLine