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“So what do you see? What do they look like?”

From a conversation between Yargo and Styptica

“You say you remember when it was finally confirmed that the world had died?”




From a conversation between Somchai and Stypticum

“Are you seeing anything now…?”

From a conversation between Somchai and Stypticum

“So what do you see then – if it’s ok to ask?”



“What sort of animals?”

“None you would recognize. Mammals, but parts of them. Like the body of a large rodent, but with very long legs. Or, smaller, waiting in the shadows.

“They’ve been around so long that I don’t worry about them. Never have. Find them amusing. The context is wrong even though they fit perfectly with their surroundings. They usually just sit there, waiting for me to look at them. When I do they just run away like it’s some game. Occasionally they are already running – right across the room and are gone before I can look at them properly. They’re interactive too. They respond to what others are saying, what others are doing. Two little rat like ones were poking their faces round that open door over there. They seemed a bit angry and were looking straight at you when you started to ask me about this.”

“I know it’s stress related because I’ve had it explained to me, and I do know how hallucinations work. They are much busier when things are worse for me. They pretty much had disappeared, but then ‘the Yark’, she brought them back – a huge great giant thing, sitting outside the bedroom window just shaking its head in disbelief.”


“For a long time, since I was about 15 yrs old, there was a feeling like a dark shadow, just behind me and to one side, always looking over my shoulder. But this wasn’t a threat, it was a kind of reassurance – like a representative from some other more real world. A world that was there to remind me that the demons in this one, other people, are the ones that threaten me.”

From a conversation between Somchai and ConSaught

Thus comes the eternal legacy of the GRoK, the destroyer of worlds, astride its utopia with a foot on the throat of all our futures…

Arkay InLine