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“I think they thought it was something to do with that mess of their own, or something. But you can probably tell from my writing that this thing was around much longer. That greedy emotional stuff that they were all showing then, it only taught me to be more careful about trusting anyone.”

“It took me so many years to realize what the consequences are of “looking the other way”. They developed it into a fine art – a virtue almost!”

Yargo – conversation with Styptica

“It is not that I think they were intentionally cruel, they just didn’t know any better. “Look away” became the only response they had.”

“They could be cruel though – BOY COULD THEY ! I don’t think they will ever fully understand what they were capable of.”

Yargo – conversation with Styptica

The peace of deliberate ignorance.
The un-threatening absence of the ‘other’.
The reassurance of simplistic emotions.
The comfort of trivial consequence.

Such things are the bedrock of an escapist’s relief, the respite of the overwhelmed, and the retreat of the guilt-ridden:

their  P A R A D I S E ?

Arkay InLine