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Somchai and the BangkokAngel were sitting on a private beach in the south of Phuket island. We had come to watch the natural light show that sometimes appears here at sunset, when we heard a rustling in the bushes to our left. Out walked this Japanese family, fully made up with protective jackets and leg/foot protection.

They headed straight into the water and waded out until they were at waist depth. Their child, who was no more than 2 yrs old, was carried on the father’s back in a cradle arrangement. The sea there is never very deep and the tide had already been falling, so it was only possible to swim in short bursts – but swim they did.

We both sat up at this, concerned for the baby’s safety, but the father never quite sank low enough for the water to reach the baby’s head. As night falls quickly in the tropics, it was soon no longer easy to see, and the family emerged from the water marching back in the direction of the outhouse where the equipment can be hired.

We lost sight of them in the gloom.


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From the collection – ‘Siam 4: Reflect’

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