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This image captures more than anything I had produced up to that point.

In the image time runs from right to left. Although conventionally in the west we usually represent time running from left to right (to follow the writing convention), here it is reversed to remind you it is born of hindsight.

Just before half way is a vortex like structure in the midst of which is a foetus like figure. If you regard the various lines as representing key people, then their interaction, directions and separations in the image will give some clue to the events and outcomes surrounding the central event – the birth of my son. You can trace the changing fortunes, broken alliances, enmities and escapes. The possessiveness, the resentments and the contempt. The hopes and disillusionment.

I was asking why I was not surrounded by better people, and why friendliness and family-ness are so often little more than a facade.


Image 68

From the collection – ‘Questions, Rhetoric & Needful Impressions’

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